Heng99 Online Casino Review

Touted as the fabled hulk of Singapore’s Golden Triangle, Heng99 has been in business since 2004. A whopping 102,000 shoppers are said to have made their way through the doors in 2014. The site has an ecommerce component with a focus on localized Asian goods. They also have an enlightened customer service team. The store is easy to find and is a delight to browse around. The e-commerce site has an impressively high conversion rate and is easy to navigate.

The store has a plethora of merchandise to choose from. Some of their most popular offerings include lingerie and body piercing. There are plenty of other offerings including haircare, makeup and accessories. Heng99 isn’t a household name in the South Asian teeming metropolis but they are certainly worth a visit. In fact, they have a swanky showroom a stone’s throw from the city’s central business district. If you’re in the market for an upscale shopping experience, this is the place to be. They’re also a great source of information on where to get the best deals on the latest fashions. They even have a dedicated website for the savvy shopaholic. They are also the go-to for a slew of quality Singaporean brands and have their finger on the pulse when it comes to sourcing the best in town. They also have a well-stocked catalogue. The site is also a hotbed for up and coming brands like BBJ and e-commerce behemoth, JD.com.