Thailand Lottery – How to Pick Your Lucky Number in the Thai Lottery

Thailand’s official national lottery is drawn twice a month on the first and sixteenth of the month. It is one of only two forms of legal gambling in the country. The other legal form is horse racing in the capital, Bangkok. The Thai lottery is administered by The Government Lottery Office. The official national lottery draws are not to be confused with horse racing in Australia, which is not legal in Thailand.

The Thai lottery is open to all residents, including foreigners. The government’s lottery office prints tickets and sells them to wholesalers. The lottery is one of the few forms of gambling legal in Thailand, as other betting is prohibited. The lottery’s profits are used by the government. อาม่าให้ลาภ In 2014, it is estimated that over 67 million people played the lottery, and it generated 76 million baths worth of tax revenue.

Thai lottery tickets are printed on special chemical paper with six-digit numbers. The government uses a two-tone watermark with the Thai flag, the Wayupak symbol, and two types of silk thread – one visible with the naked eye, the other visible only under ultraviolet light. Each lottery ticket is unique and should never be tampered with, as the paper will stain if it’s bleached.

เลขเด็ดอาม่าให้ลาภ If you are lucky enough to buy a ticket, the chances of winning the top prize are one in one million. The odds are based on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners. A ticket can win up to three million baht in the TGL lottery, and a ticket can win as much as two million baht in the TCL lottery.

Thailand’s lottery is one of the two legal forms of gambling in the country, and it is played by 19 million people each month – approximately two-fifth of its population. Thai lottery players take their lottery seriously, and carefully choose their lottery numbers, testing their luck. Unfortunately, most players do not win.